Premera Mobile App

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    Keep your health plan info right in your pocket

    Available for iOS and Android

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    Why download the app?

    Our redesigned mobile app puts your Premera healthcare info into your own hands. Get the peace of mind that comes with easy and convenient access to the health plan info you need while on the go.

    Your health matters to us. We've made it easy to find your info wherever you are so you can make smarter healthcare decisions. So download the app today and make the most of your Premera plan.

    View your claims

    Use the app to view detailed claims information from anywhere. You'll see when Premera receives a claim, when we pay it, and what the provider may bill you. Know more about what's going on with your claims, and where we are with processing them.

    ID card

    Show (off) your Premera ID card

    Forgot your card while you're out and about? Impossible if you've got the Premera app. You'll never forget your card again. We've got you covered with your Premera ID card—right here on your phone. You can even save it to your photo gallery so you can send it over to your doctor's office if you need to.

    Find care

    Are you a weekend warrior sporting a sprained ankle? Suffering from stomachache? Or just want to find a new doctor? Use the app to find care options in your neighborhood or online through Teladoc. Find nearby, in-network doctors, hospitals, urgent care facilities, and more. You can have a Teladoc video or phone consultation with a board-certified doctor right from the Premera app, without having to download a separate app or visit another web site.

    Find care

    Deductible met, or not yet?

    Don't guess. Be in the know. Let's say you need elective surgery. Use the app to check to see how much of your deductible is met for the year before you decide when to schedule it. By knowing how much you have left to pay each plan year before Premera starts paying, you can make smarter decisions. With the app, you can view your individual and family deductibles for medical and dental at any time, from anywhere.

    Note: For 2020 plans, the Premera app supports only those who get coverage through their employer. The Premera app doesn’t currently support information for our Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement customers, or for those who bought an individual or family plan through Washington or