Resources for a healthy work-life balance

Thursday, June 13, 2019

If your work-life balance is out of whack, finances are rocky, relationships have hit a snag, or you need some legal advice, an employee assistance program might help you get through. The program is designed to help you and your family out with stressful life events, so you can keep doing what you do.

Check if your company offers an employee assistance program. The resources support a healthy life balance. They can help with things like clearing up an identity theft issue, shopping for a car, finding childcare, and finding home improvement contractors—all those annoying things we would rather not tackle alone.

A valuable benefit is the link to mental health therapists. Give the service a call and you will receive a list of therapists in your area who are accepting new patients. Often the first couple of visits are covered in full—check your company’s specific plan for details. 

All inquiries are confidential and are offered as part of your benefits at no additional cost to you.

Work can be a major cause of stress. The program provides resources for making tweaks to balance your work and personal lives. You don’t have to wait for anything major to make an appointment. The therapists can help you navigate stress, anxiety, depression, job pressure, grief, relationship conflicts, chemical dependency, and other life moments.

Addressing concerns can help you thrive at work and in your personal life.

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