Protect yourself from insurance scams

Thursday, April 18, 2019

It seems like every day you hear about a new scam with a clever way of taking your money. Unfortunately, scams involving your insurance information are common.

One that is making the rounds involves scammers sending you medication or medical equipment and submitting a claim to Premera for it. The products you receive might be dangerous or inappropriate for you. And the cost of these scams raise insurance rates for everyone.  

How can you avoid scams like this?

  • Don’t fill out online surveys, such as those on Facebook.
  • Surveys for gift cards are usually too good to be true—they want something from you.
  • Never give the name of your insurance company or doctor to someone unfamiliar to you.
  • If you are called and offered free medicine or supplies, hang up.

We will never prescribe or send medications and supplies to you. That’s your doctor’s job. Scammers won’t send you quality medications. The medicine might be unsafe or interact with your other medicines. Medical devices should be carefully fitted to you, not sent in the mail in a random size. We want you to get all the care you need. If you need medical equipment or prescriptions, work with your own provider. Don’t accept “free” stuff from callers.

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