5 reasons small businesses should offer competitive dental and health benefits

small business health and dental benefits Friday, February 01, 2019

It’s no secret: Offering a health benefits package attracts and retains employees. For small businesses, this especially rings true.

Why? According to a Glassdoor survey, 2/3 of employees strongly consider benefits prior to accepting job offers. The same survey found 80% of employees prefer better benefits to pay increases. So benefits are a key to standing out for small businesses.

Individuals are much more likely to research the depth of benefit offers. Dental health’s increasing awareness as an important part of overall health could push you over the top. Plus it’s a cost effective investment that will make your employees healthier

Here are 5 reasons you need to offer dental and health benefits to your employees.

  1. Dental and health benefits are the most important benefits to job seekers. According to a FRACTL survey of 2,000 individuals, better health benefits may encourage people to pick a lower paying job over one that pays more. More than half of those surveyed would give this benefit “heavy consideration.”

  2. Nearly 1 in 3 employers expanded benefits packages in the past 12 months. That’s according to a Human Resource Management 2017 Employee Benefits Survey. More than 20% of employers increased health benefits while nearly 25% increased wellness benefits. Offering strong benefits is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s necessary to compete. Benefits like Premera’s Wellness Program and Active&Fit gym membership discounts now are key tools for attracting and keeping talent.

  3. Individuals seek dental coverage in their health plans. A survey of adults aged 50+ by American Dental Association discovered 93% believe Medicare benefits should include dental care. Individuals know they need for overall health and dental coverage. They look for it through their employers’ health benefits packages. Dental is now a top priority.

  4. Dental health coverage is linked to lower costs of healthcare. According to a Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, preventive dental care aids in the early detection of serious health issues. It’s linked to cardiovascular health and even diabetes. Finding these conditions early helps reduce healthcare costs for employers. Studies find that combining dental and health coverage lowers total costs of care. That includes the share your employees pay. Dental coverage embedded in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act decreased out-of-pocket costs for children, according to a study by The Journal of Pediatrics.

  5. Dental and medical benefits combined in a single plan simplify the process for employers. Healthcare is complicated. Streamlining what you offer employees into a single plan can save time and money. With Premera, for example, you have 1 card for medical and dental. There’s 1 customer service number to know. You have 1 account for managing your healthcare. Plus, employees get core dental benefits at a lower cost. Employers on certain plans can even offer dental coverage at little or no additional cost.    

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