• Premera Blue Cross Launches Vivacity to help Employers Lower Rate of Increase in Healthcare Costs

    The new company offers unique and integrated wellness programs to all employers

    MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA – (June 2, 2009) – Premera Blue Cross and Vivacity today announced the formation of a new independent company, created to provide innovative wellness services and products to employers seeking to achieve a healthier workforce, to lower the rate of healthcare cost increases, and to increase productivity through an integrated, comprehensive approach to wellness. Premera Blue Cross is the launch client of Vivacity and will begin working with its wellness advisors on its own journey. Vivacity will serve employers nationwide who seek advanced wellness solutions.

    Vivacity provides tailored wellness programs designed for the unique needs of each employer’s workforce. It works with clients to create integrated offerings and tailored wellness programs based on the readiness of employees to engage, associated health risk factors in the workforce, and established patterns in healthcare spending.

    Vivacity offers a full spectrum of services unlike many that can be found in the marketplace today. The new company works collaboratively with its clients along every step of the health journey—assessing the current state of the workforce, creating wellness plans and programs, implementing those programs and, ultimately, rigorously measuring performance and outcomes. Most other wellness companies simply prepare assessments and provide off-the-shelf products, but Vivacity works hand in hand with each client throughout their entire health journey.

    “We all know that employers are struggling with the rising cost of healthcare,” said Jim Messina, CEO of Vivacity, who brings over 25 years of healthcare industry leadership to the new company. “There is an enormous opportunity for employers to see real gains by taking advantage of meaningful and targeted wellness programs for their employees. They often need help beyond just products—they seek rigor, credibility and experience. That’s where Vivacity comes in.”

    “When we look at benefit costs and productivity impacts of health, employers see a real need to impact these trends,” said Cyndy Nayer, President and CEO of the Center for Health Value Innovation. “Vivacity has the competencies in benefits plans that drive the value of health dollars, a needed focus for this economy. More importantly, the leadership of the new company is passionate about health improvement. We look forward to sharing their innovations with the market.”

    Vivacity brings integrated expertise in a number of areas that few other wellness companies can offer. It is positioned to analyze healthcare costs, including pharmacy and medical, in conjunction with appropriate wellness programs, benefit design, and employee readiness to engage in the program. That holistic view of employee wellness is important for employers to have when trying to increase employee productivity and lower the rate of their healthcare cost increases.

    A key member of Vivacity’s leadership team is Dr. Dave Johnson, who has extensive corporate health experience in disease management, health risk management, and population health. He has also been involved with launching and managing several medical start-up companies. HR administrators and employers interested in Vivacity’s services may call Dr. Johnson at 877-276-9953.

    Please visit www.vivacity.net for more information.

    About Premera Blue Cross

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