• Premera Launches New Health Awareness Campaign

    Goal Is to Engage Consumers About Personal Life

    MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA – (May 18, 2009) – Premera Blue Cross is embarking on a public awareness campaign to increase consumer knowledge and interest in tracking personal health. The effort is part of Premera’s “Know Your Numbers” campaign, seeking to support individual awareness and responsibility for managing personal health.

    The campaign features online banner advertising and radio ads, supporting a newly enhanced website (www.premera.com/kyn)and focuses on knowing key indicators of personal health, including blood pressure, blood sugar, total cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI).

    “The message is simple but the facts behind it are deadly serious,” said Roki Chauhan, M.D., Premera’s Chief Medical Officer. “A 50-year-old with ‘good’ numbers has a 2 - 3 percent chance of heart disease in the next decade according to nationally recognized studies. The same person with ‘bad’ numbers has significantly higher odds of heart disease by age 60.”

    The goal of Know Your Numbers is not only to reach Premera’s members, but to reach all consumers about the importance of this basic knowledge. Personal perception alone isn’t a reliable gauge of health, since several high-risk conditions have few visible symptoms. It is important for people to know these key numbers, understand their relationship to personal health, and work with their doctor to track them.

    “Our goal is to support our Members and consumers in improving their health” said Premera’s Dr. Chauhan. “Knowing where you really stand is an essential ingredient for success in managing personal health and Know your Numbers offers a smart starting point.”

    Please visit www.premera.com/kyn for more information.

    About Premera Blue Cross

    Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our members about their healthcare coverage. We provide health insurance and related services to more than 1.5 million people. Premera Blue Cross has operated in Washington since 1933, and Alaska since 1957. Premera Blue Cross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Premera Blue Cross is a member of a family of companies based in Mountlake Terrace, Washington, that provide health, life, vision, dental, and long-term care insurance, and other related services.