• ePocrates®

    Save Time and Lower Drug Costs for Your Patients

    ePocrates Rx® PDA software is a free mobile drug and formulary reference program that can help you save time, reduce pharmacy calls and lower drug costs for your patients.

    Once you download ePocrates Rx on your PDA, you can quickly view Premera’s Preferred Drug List. ePocrates gives you immediate access to important drug and formulary information when you see patients in the hospital or your office.

    ePocrates Rx® gives you instant access to more than 3,300 brand and generic drugs, including:

    • Adult and pediatric dosing
    • Interactions and adverse reactions
    • Safety/monitoring
    • Retail pricing, copay tiers, formulary status
    • Quantity or duration limits

    Visit ePocrates® web site to learn more.

    Download a free version of ePocrates Rx® drug and formulary reference.