Premera Expands Centers of Excellence to Include Radiology

  • October 15, 2020

    Premera is expanding our Centers of Excellence (COEs) strategy to include radiology in collaboration with Covera Health. The program includes the addition of Covera-designated radiology COE providers integrated into the existing Advanced Imaging (AIM) prior authorization and referral tool to help ensure members get directed to the highest quality care for advanced imaging services. Covera Health is a leading clinical analytics company that manages a quality care collaborative for radiology practices to improve diagnostic accuracy and radiological care quality.

    By adding radiology to our COE programs, we’ll be able to connect customers with the highest quality radiology care, giving patients the best chance for receiving the most effective treatment and recovery, while reducing high costs.

    The benefit will be available to all fully insured Premera members in Washington, as well as for companies in Washington and Alaska that opt into the program starting January 1, 2021.

    All radiology providers are welcome to apply for designation in Premera’s Radiology Center of Excellence program. Designation as a Center of Excellence will be based on meeting the quality and program requirements, as defined by Covera Health, as well as network, access, and affordability requirements, as managed by Premera.

    Participation is optional. Lack of designation as a Center of Excellence isn’t intended to exclude providers from receiving patient referrals. However, providers designated as a Center of Excellence may be promoted in patient engagement, authorization, and referral platforms.

    In order to join Covera’s quality care collaborative and begin the application process, please email Covera Health or complete the information online. A member of Covera Health’s dedicated provider partnership team will contact you to provide additional information about the quality care collaborative and the application process.

    If you have questions, contact your Premera provider network executive.

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