Premera Aims to Provide a Better Customer Experience

  • At Premera Blue Cross, our purpose is to improve our customers’ lives by making healthcare work better. In an industry that is complex, and often slow to change, the way to achieve our purpose is through the innovated use of technology to create an integrated and seamless experience for our customers.

    Why innovation is important to us – and you

    When we build tools, programs, and health plans that improve the experience for our customers, we make it easier for you to sell Premera to your clients.

    Ways we are innovating

    Crowdsourcing new ideas

    Spigit recently recognized Premera with the “Launch of the Year” award for our crowd-sourcing platform for idea collection. We call on employees throughout Premera to propose innovative ideas using technology in ways that improve our customers’ healthcare experience.

    Self-service tools

    Our customers told us they want more self-service tools, so we’ve deployed two tools to meet this need:

    • Premera Scout - In February, we announced a partnership with Microsoft’s Healthcare NExT initiative to embed a chatbot into our mobile app, called Premera Scout. This technology will help address the questions that contribute to the most calls to our customer service – saving our customers time.
    • Premera Pulse– Earlier this year, we launched a pilot program in Alaska with help from Vim, a healthcare tech company based in San Francisco, that puts our customers’ healthcare information right in the palm of their hands. Premera Pulse enables our members to easily find the right doctor for their needs and schedule an appointment from their phone. With more than 10,000 Alaska customers on the platform and more than 1,100 appointments booked, we are in the process of rolling it out to our customers in the Puget Sound region.

    Check out our Premera Voices blog to find out more about innovation at Premera.

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