Preventive Health

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    Checkups are important!

    Getting an annual checkup is enormously important for better health for everyone—not just babies and kids.

    Routine exams can help spot health issues *before* they begin. They can also identify problems early, before they become more serious and harder to treat. That's why Premera offers routine preventive medical exams at no cost, as part of your plan benefits. Checkups are also a great time to ensure you're up to date on vaccinations and boosters.

    A checklist for your check-up

    Do you have an individual or family health plan (an Affordable Care Act plan)? Know your preventive health benefits.

    Do you have a health plan from prior to March 23, 2010? View the preventive health benefits for grandfathered plans.

    Types of screenings

    Premera plans offer coverage for:

    • Well-baby and newborn exams
    • Routine physicals (including for school, sports, or work)
    • Women's and men's annual exams
    • Mammography exams
    • Preventive vaccinations (including the HPV vaccine)
    • Cancer screenings, including screenings for cervical (PAP test), prostate (PSA), and colorectal (colonoscopy) cancers
    • Infectious disease screenings
    • Metabolic, nutrition, and endocrine screenings
    • Heart and vascular disease screenings
    • Musculoskeletal disorder screenings

    Keep in mind that non-preventive services (such as diagnostic services to evaluate symptoms or your family history) are not covered in full.

    Other health resources

    Use your health plan for a healthy pregnancy.

    If you're traveling abroad or have children in school, check out the latest vaccine recommendations for children, teens, and adults.