Preventive Health

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    Checkups are important

    Getting an annual checkup is enormously important for better health for everyone, not just babies and kids.

    Routine exams can help spot health issues *before* they begin. They can also identify problems early, before they become more serious and harder to treat. That's why Premera offers routine preventive medical exams at no cost, as part of your plan benefits. Checkups are also a great time to ensure you're up to date on vaccinations and boosters.

    Get all you can from your preventive health benefits

    Do you have an individual or family health plan (an Affordable Care Act plan)? Know your preventive health benefits.

    Keep in mind that non-preventive services (such as diagnostic services to evaluate symptoms or your family history) are not covered in full.

    Pregnant woman


    Know your health plan benefits for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum care, including breast pump coverage.

    Pregnancy care

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    Kids' health

    Your health plan is available from getting infant feeding support through seeing your child off to college.

    Care for kids

    Womens health prevention

    Women's health

    Find out when to get your mammogram, Pap test, and more.

    Women's health benefits

    Men's health

    A primary care provider can help with preventive care, injuries, and other men's health concerns.

    Men's health benefits

    LGBT health

    Learn more about preventive healthcare options, transgender services, and behavioral health support.

    LGBT health benefits

    Colon cancer screenings

    Review your colonoscopy coverage before your appointment.

    Colonoscopy and FIT tests

    Premera plans also offer coverage for:

    • Well-baby and child exams
    • Routine physicals (including for school, sports, or work)
    • Men's annual exams
    • Preventive vaccinations (including the HPV vaccine)
    • Cancer screenings, including PAP tests for cervical cancer and PSA (prostate-specific antigen) tests for prostate cancer
    • Infectious disease screenings
    • Metabolic, nutrition, and endocrine screenings
    • Heart and vascular disease screenings
    • Musculoskeletal disorder screenings

    Request an in-network lab

    Make sure when getting blood tests that your doctor is using an in-network lab. Your in-network labs can be found by signing in to the Find a Doctor tool.

    Do you have a health plan from prior to March 23, 2010? View the preventive health benefits for grandfathered plans.

  • Benefits under your health plan may differ, so refer to your benefit booklet for information on what your specific health plan covers.

    Your health plan covers preventive care services as required by state and federal law. For more information, please review the "A" and "B" rated services on the United States Preventive Task Force, immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and preventive care and screening recommended by the Health Resources and Services Administration. See the list on