• Woman feeding baby

    Postpartum visits

    You may have 2 home health nurse visits after the baby is born. If you're interested in receiving postpartum visits, ask your doctor to prescribe them. More visits are available if mom or baby is ill.

    What will the nurse do?

    • Come to your home to make sure you and your baby are doing well
    • Provide support with breastfeeding and check for feeding problems
    • Check your baby for jaundice
    • Provide tips for taking care of a newborn and yourself
    • Discuss with and screen Mom for postpartum depression

    Adding baby to your health plan

    In most cases, you'll have a special enrollment period of 60 days after birth to add baby to your health plan. If you have coverage through an employer, contact your group administrator (usually human resources) to add your child. If you bought your plan directly from Premera, call customer service. If you bought your plan from your state's health plan marketplace, contact them to add your child.


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