The Birth

  • Deciding where to have your baby

    You have many choices about how and where to have your baby, and it can be a deeply personal decision. Your benefits cover delivery at hospitals and birthing centers, home births, and post-delivery care as determined necessary. Women usually stay in the hospital 48 hours for vaginal birth and 96 hours for a cesarean section birth. However, if there are any medical issues a longer hospital stay might be needed.

    If you have your baby at a hospital or birthing center, you will receive a separate bill for any care they provide to you and your baby. These costs are not included in the global billing fee.

    Supplies, including birthing pools may be covered. Sign into your secure Premera account and check your benefit booklet for services or supplies you're interested in.

    What healthcare professionals are covered?

    You have several options for your pregnancy care before birth and after. For your health plan to cover a professional's fees, they must be licensed.

    Doulas and their services are not covered because doulas are not licensed healthcare providers. Midwife services are covered when the midwife is licensed. Birthing classes aren't typically covered, but if your specific plan includes a community wellness benefit, the cost of a class might be reimbursed.

    For help with feeding your baby, lactation services are often included during your hospital stay and through your pediatrician or OBGYN. A lactation counselor is covered independent of a clinic or hospital, only if they are a licensed provider.

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