Men's Health

  • Let’s talk about your health

    You might have a car guy and an electrical guy, but what about a health guy (or woman)? Seeing a primary care provider means you'll have a go-to health guy when you need one.

    Note: Benefits under your health plan may differ, so sign in and refer to your benefit booklet for information on what your specific health plan covers.
  • Some important networking

    Your primary care provider—typically an internal medicine or family practice doctor—can lead you to specialist care when you need it. So make sure to give them a call every year or two. Get together, have a checkup, and know you've maintained that relationship for when you need it.

    Preventive care

    This is the place for routine care, and to address your concerns.

    Get checked out

    Family planning and sexual health

    How your plan covers contraceptives, STDs, fertility, and erectile dysfunction.

    Get care

    Men's conditions

    Know what to do in case of injury or emergency.

    Get informed