Behavioral Health

  • Everyone can use some extra support from time to time - particularly a population that can face frequent discrimination in the pursuit of being themselves.

    Chronic stress is common especially for people who hide their orientation or who have lost emotional support from loved ones. Living with stress can lead to anxiety and depression. Research shows that individuals identifying as LGBT are at higher risk for self-harm, depression, and substance abuse than the general population.

    Most health plans cover care for mental-health and substance-use disorders with a copay. This includes counseling, and psychotherapy. This is intended to help manage stress and anxiety, build self-confidence, and navigate through life's challenges.

    Community and family support makes a big impact on health and lessens risk of depression and anxiety. A primary care physician or counselor can help you find support in your community. To find a mental health care provider, sign into your account and use the Find a Doctor tool.

    For many, key events, such as coming out and finding fulfilling relationships, are associated with health and good quality of life.

    Please note Premera does not cover or support conversion therapy programs designed to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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