Kids' and Adolescent Health

  • Kids' health

    Your health plan is available from getting infant feeding support through seeing your child off to college.

    Please note: Benefits under your health plan may differ, so refer to your benefit booklet for information on what your specific health plan covers.

  • Supporting healthy growth

    We have something in common: You want the very best for your kids and so do we. That’s why we offer robust benefits for preventive care and screenings.

    Newborn baby

    Newborn care

    Find out about common concerns during the first few months, including feeding, first doctor visit, and health coverage.

    Care for babies

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    Kids' care

    Well-child visits, dental and vision screenings, and mental health benefits are all part of the plan for kids.

    Care for kids

    Teenage girl

    Teen health

    As kids grow, so does their need for privacy. We offer support so they can get the care they need.

    Care for teens