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    Starting in 2016 for the 2015 tax year, the IRS is requiring that most tax filers fill out information on their tax return regarding health insurance coverage. Form 1095 proof will help you to fill out the information.

    This requirement is part of the Affordable Care Act. Most people who did not have health insurance last year will receive a tax penalty. Form 1095 does not apply to standalone dental or vision coverage.

    You can also find more details about Form 1095 on IRS.gov, or visit our Healthsource blog post on Form 1095.

    It depends on how you obtained your health plan. It may come from Premera, your employer, or Washington Healthplanfinder.

    • If you purchased your health plan directly from us, it will come from Premera.
    • If purchased your health plan through your employer, it may come from Premera or your employer.
    • If you purchased through Washington Healthplanfinder, you'll receive your Form 1095 from Washington Healthplanfinder.

    No, you'll get your Form 1095 from another source.

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