Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please note: Open enrollment for 2018 plans is expected to begin on November 1. If you have recently married, welcomed a child, or had another major life event, find out if you qualify for a special enrollment.

    Frequently asked questions

    sample ID card

    If you have not yet used the Premera secure member website, you will need to create an account.

    To use our pay-by-phone system, you need the group number (not your ID number) from your Premera card to select the correct pay-by-phone option. You'll then need your ID number to complete your payment.

    To make your pay-by-phone payment: If you bought your plan from Washington Healthplanfinder (“the Exchange”) and your group number starts with 11, press 1. If your group number starts with 10, press 2.

    No. Except where required by law, Premera does not accept payments from third parties for individual health plans, plans that were purchased independently and not provided through an employer.

    Your payment will be returned if your individual health plan is paid for with a business account. You will also be affected by this policy if your payment is made by a healthcare provider, some charities, or an employer.

    We certainly recommend that you create a secure online account. You'll need your member ID number and suffix from the front of your ID card. First, create an account. Then, sign in and associate your account with your health plan by entering your ID number.

    When you log in, you'll find specific information about your plan. You can pay bills or track claims and spending toward your deductible. You can also log in to find in-network doctors, dentists, pharmacies, urgent care centers, hospitals, and emergency rooms.

    If you purchased your plan from the state exchange (Washington Healthplanfinder), please call them at 855-923-4633.

    If you purchased your plan directly from Premera, you can cancel your plan several ways.

    • Secure email: Log in, go to your Secure Inbox, and email us your cancellation. Please include your ID number, the names of the people on the plan being cancelled, and the date you would like your cancellation to take effect.
    • Letter or fax: Mail or fax us a written or typed cancellation letter with your ID number, the names of the people on the plan being cancelled, the date you would like your cancellation to take effect, and your signature.
    • Mailing address:
      PO Box 91120
      Seattle, WA 98111

      Fax number: 425-918-3727

    • By phone: Call us at 800-722-1471 to cancel over the phone.
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