Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my 1095 tax form?

    If you get your plan through your employer

    You might get an electronic version by signing into your secure account and selecting Account Options then Tax Form 1095 in the menu. 

    If you don't see an option for Tax Form 1095 when you sign in, your employer will provide your form. You can check with human resources for more information.

    If you are on an individual or family plan

    1. If you enrolled through WAHealthplanfinder.org, you will receive your form from them.
      • 1095 A will be available on WA Healthplanfinder message center or mailed in late January.
      • Please contact WA Helathplanfinder with any questions.
    2. If you enrolled directly with Premera, you will receive a 1095-B from us in the mail.

    Questions by topic

    Pay my bill

    • How do I find my system ID number to make my first binding payment?
    • What do I need to know to use the bill pay system?
    • Who can pay for my health plan?
    • Can I change the date of a future-dated payment?
    • How can I set up automatic recurring payments online?

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    Benefits and coverage

    • How are preventive benefits covered?
    • What are facility charges, and are they covered?
    • How can I get help with ongoing health conditions?
    • How are pregnancy, mental health, and colonoscopies covered?

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    Understanding your ID card

    • I need to use my health plan, but don't yet have my ID card. Can I go to the doctor?
    • I've lost my ID card. What should I do?
    • What do all the numbers and letters on my ID card mean?

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    Using your health plan

    • I need to use my health plan, but I don't have my ID card. What should I do?
    • Where do I go online to find more information about my plan?
    • My name, address, or other personal information is wrong. What do I do?

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