Premera Wellness Resources

  • Your employees and their wellbeing

    At Premera, we believe that it takes a partnership to keep members healthy. That partnership includes a focused and efficient coverage provider, dedicated healthcare professionals, committed employers and informed members.

    Your employees spend more time at work than anywhere else. More and more employers have learned that making the investment in wellness programs reduces health-related costs significantly. Employees who are physically and mentally healthy tend to report higher job satisfaction and demonstrate increased job productivity.

    Guiding employees to make healthy choices to reduce the risk of preventable illnesses caused by inactivity, stress, overeating or smoking requires a strategic approach. Tactics may include simply free health-related resources or providing access to tools and services that will position employees to make optimal health decisions.

    Whatever the approach, Premera is committed to providing you with leading edge tools and resources. To gather information or obtain tools, visit the featured portals.

    Premera offers Vivacity*, our independent health and productivity consulting firm, specializing in strategic.

    Vivacity works with employers of all sizes to build effective wellness programs utilizing proven, easy to implement tools and strategies.


    • Strategic Wellbeing Evaluation
      • Organizational Assessment
      • Key Informant Interviews
      • Focus Groups
      • Employee Perception Survey
    • Mission & Vision Statement Development
    • Custom Communications
    • Brand Development
    • Wellbeing Champions Program
    • Advanced claims analysis
      • Program Design & Implementation
      • Incentive Design & Management
    • Health Education Sessions and Webinars


    • Incentive Fulfillment via Tango e-cards and Swift Visa cards
    • Multi-format health screenings
    • Integrated wellbeing platforms with device integration
    • Physical activity platforms with social challenges and device integration
    • Digital and telephonic wellness coaching
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Tobacco Cessation

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    Vivacity is wholly owned subsidiary of Premera Blue Cross and Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska.