• Reference Materials

    This section provides access to resource materials specifically related to employers.

  • Reference Guide for Plan Administrators

    The Quick Reference Guide for Plan Administrators will help you administer your employees’ Foundation, Heritage and Global plans offered by Premera Blue Cross. The reference guide explains online features that help manage your plan, eligibility and enrollment reminders, billing information and policies, and commonly used forms. If you have any questions about the Quick Reference Guide for Plan Administrators, please contact your billing representative.


    Premera Blue Cross is serious about ensuring our members’ peace of mind regarding the privacy of their health information. Premera has formal privacy policies and procedures. These policies comply with the latest privacy legislation and ensure confidentiality of all member and employer information.

    Summary of Benefits and Coverage

    As part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, all health plans must provide a summary of benefits in a standard four-page format. These summaries help people understand how a plan works and makes comparing plans easier.

  • Wellness Resources

    Find resources to promote good health and keep your employees well.

    Medicare Secondary Payer

    A general overview of what your group needs to know about Medicare Secondary Payer