Wellness Program Employer Toolkit

  • For employers with 1-50 employees who renewed or started a health plan with an effective date in 2018.

    Everyone knows that healthier employees are happier and more productive employees. That's why we include a wellness program in every small group medical plan-at no cost to you!

    We also make it easy for you to get your employees on board with your wellness program by providing you with ready-to-share communications.

    Each quarter, we'll provide a new wellness tip. We'll let you know when a new tip is available through our monthly employer newsletter.

    Want to know more about your wellness program? Get more details in the 2018 wellness program guide.

    Share the tips below with your employees quarterly

    Quarterly tip #1: Tell your employees how they can earn a free Fitbit!

    Quarterly tip #2: Help your employees re-energize their workout routines.

    Quarterly tip #3: Share these simple steps with your employees on how to achieve a healthier diet.

    Quarterly tip #4: (Coming soon!)

    More ways to promote well-being

    Sending out quarterly tips is just the beginning when it comes to promoting well-being to your employees. To make wellness more prevalent in your workplace, consider taking these additional actions:

    • Talk about your wellness program at staff meetings and events -- hearing directly from management resonates with employees.
    • Include content about wellness in your company newsletter or on your intranet site.
    • Post wellness flyers in your employee break room.
    • Encourage healthy competition between your employees-like a step challenge using fitness activity trackers.