Premera Flex Advantage

  • At Premera, we know you want to control costs as well as provide your employees with a health plan that offers access to a broad network of doctors and facilities. The demand for a health plan with this flexibility is why we created Premera Flex Advantage.

    How does Premera Flex Advantage work?

    Premera Flex Advantage includes access to Premera's largest provider network. When you choose this plan, your employees can choose any doctor within this network. Additionally, Premera Flex Advantage allows your employees the ability to easily identify doctors grouped into two levels based on cost—giving them more control when it comes to their cost of healthcare. So, when your employees select efficient, high-value providers in a Level 1 group, they pay less out of pocket.

    The flexibility of Premera Flex Advantage also offers you (the employer) the opportunity to save more.

    Premera Flex Advantage infographic [Click to enlarge]

    See how much you can save

    We provide you with network analysis and cost modeling information to show the savings you can achieve with Premera Flex Advantage. We also offer enhanced online tools and communication resources for your employees to help them easily understand and maximize their benefits.

    Contact your producer or one of our group sales representatives to ask questions or get a quote.

    Resources for your employees

    Access the Premera Flex Advantage member site to explore how your employees can:

    • Save money with this plan
    • Learn how it works
    • Find in-network doctors
    • View sample costs

    And more!