Dose Optimization Program

  • If you take multiple doses of lower strength medications, Premera’s Dose Optimization Program can help you, your doctor and your pharmacist to find a single dose of higher strength medications (with your doctor’s approval).

    Here’s How the Program Works:

    • When an eligible prescription drug is filled or refilled, we send you a letter telling you about the option of taking just one pill, once a day. You then contact your doctor or pharmacist to discuss changing the prescription.
    • The next time your prescription is refilled at your pharmacy, the pharmacist is notified by computer messaging to call your doctor for approval to change the prescription.
    • If your doctor approves the change, your prescription is updated.
    • If your doctor does not approve the change, a benefit exception is completed so that you can continue the prescription as prescribed by your doctor.
  • What Drugs Are Included?

    There are currently more than 50 drugs selected for this program which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for once-daily dosing and have different strengths available at similar costs.

    For example, a 50 mg and 100 mg tablet cost the same. Taking one 100 mg tablet once daily is more cost effective than taking two 50 mg tablets daily. In some cases, this can cut your prescription costs considerably.

    View medications included in the Dose Optimization Program.

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