Mail Order Prescriptions

  • To receive the highest coverage under your plan’s prescription benefit, you need to use a pharmacy in the Premera network. There are more than 60,000 available nationwide.
  • You can save time and money on your prescriptions by using Express Scripts Pharmacy. If you take a long-term medication, you can:

    • Receive prescriptions up to a 90-day supply at a lower out-of-pocket cost than an equal supply at a retail pharmacy
    • Take advantage of the convenience of delivery through the mail
    • Start today by visiting MyPharmacyPlus

    MyPharmacyPlus registered members can:

    • Refill and renew prescriptions
    • View up to 18 months of prescription history
    • Review pharmacy benefit plan highlights
    • Compare prescription coverage and pricing
    • Request order forms and pre-printed envelopes

    New Prescriptions

    Each new prescription must be mailed or faxed by your provider to Express Scripts.

    • Mail in your prescription: - Send in your written prescription(s) with a completed Express Scripts Mail-Order Form
    • If you are taking more than one medication, you should also download and complete the Health, Allergy and Medication Questionnaire which is designed to help protect you against potentially harmful drug allergies, interactions and side effects
    • Your doctor can fax in your prescription: - You can ask your doctor to fax your prescription directly to Express Scripts. Your provider must fax in a prescription form, which can be printed by visiting MyPharmacyPlus™ or obtained by calling 888-327-9791.

    Refill Prescriptions

    Once you’ve set up your prescriptions, you can order quickly and easily.

    • Order your prescription refills by phone at 800-391-9701
    • Register via MyPharmacyPlus™ to order your refills online. Be sure to have your member ID number and your prescription number handy
    • If you have existing prescriptions filled through another mail order, you must obtain a new prescription. Express Scripts is the only participating mail-service pharmacy
    • It can take up to two weeks for delivery, so be sure to have enough medication on hand
    • For new medicines, avoid delay in starting your medicine by asking your provider to write two separate prescriptions – one for 30 days that you can fill at a local retail pharmacy in the Express Scripts network right away, and one for 90 days that you can mail in to Express Scripts
    • If refills are allowed, be sure your provider indicates that on the prescription