Coverage While Traveling

  • Your provider network

    Your medical health plan offers local, national, and worldwide networks of providers. To receive the highest possible benefit coverage that your plan offers, always check the Find a Doctor search to make sure your doctor is within Premera's network of contracted providers. Please note: some plans provide coverage only when you choose an in-network doctor. 

    BlueCard® coverage wherever you are

    The BlueCard program allows you to receive health care benefits wherever you live and wherever you travel. If you believe you have a medical emergency, seek emergency care immediately, no matter where you are.

  • Your health plan offers you access to networks of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to save you money.

    Tips for using BlueCard:

    • If you're enrolled in a Premera health plan through Starbucks, the provider network is called BlueCard PPO.
    • No matter where you live or travel, you have access to a network of BlueCard providers who are contracted by BlueCross BlueShield Association plans across the country.
    • You get the highest level of benefits and lowest out-of-pocket costs when you use BlueCard providers. If you decide to see a provider outside of these networks, your out-of-pocket expenses may be higher or you may not have coverage.
    • Blue Shield is the only preferred provider network for services in California. If you visit a provider affiliated only with Blue Cross in California, a separate health plan in that state, it is considered out-of-network. When using the Find a Doctor search, you will be directed to the appropriate network.
    • BlueCard PPO Network providers will file claims for you and accept allowable charges for covered services.
    • If you need care that you or your doctor believes is not available in the BlueCard network, please call Premera Partner Services weekdays at 877-728-9020 (TTY: 800-842-5357) from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Pacific Time).

    When you need medical care:

    • Find a nearby provider through the Find a Doctor search. You also can call 877-728-9020 for assistance in finding a network provider.
    • Visit the provider and show your member ID card.
    • At the time of service, you're responsible only for any applicable copays. The provider will file a claim with your medical plan for their charges. Once the claim has been processed, you'll receive an Explanation of Benefits detailing any amounts you owe.*

    *Deductible or coinsurance payments may apply.

    Please check your Benefit Plan Description (BPD) for further details about your benefits and provider networks.

    When you travel overseas, you enjoy the added advantage of BlueCard Worldwide®.

    This program offers access to an international network of participating doctors and hospitals for a broad range of medical care services.

    BlueCard Worldwide travels with you

    Download the BlueCard Worldwide® mobile app

    Use your mobile device to connect to medical care across the globe.

    Find information on:

    • emergency needs
    • finding the local equivalent for a prescription
    • translating your symptoms,
    • finding the right doctor at home or abroad

    When you need medical care outside the U.S:

    • For non-emergency medical care, call BlueCard Worldwide collect at 804-673-1177. The BlueCard Worldwide Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is staffed with multilingual representatives. They can help coordinate hospital care or make an appointment with a doctor for you.
    • Visit the BlueCard Worldwide provider and show your medical plan ID card.
    • For all outpatient care, office visits, or prescriptions, pay the provider or pharmacy and submit a claim to Premera Blue Cross.
    • If inpatient hospital care was arranged by the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center, the provider will file the claim. You only pay the out-of-pocket expenses required by your plan (deductible, copayments, coinsurance, and any non-covered services).
    • If the hospitalization was not arranged by BlueCard Worldwide, you pay the provider and submit a claim to Premera Blue Cross.
    • For emergency care outside of the U.S., go to the nearest hospital. Call BlueCard Worldwide collect at 804-673-1177 if you're admitted. Emergency care is covered at the highest benefit level, regardless of whether the facility or provider is part of the BlueCard network.