Starbucks Benefit Plan Description

  • The Benefit Plan Description (BPD) is a complete guide to your benefits. Use it to answer your questions and to learn more about your benefit plans. The more you know, the more valuable your benefits will be to you and your family.

    Where to find your BPD

    You can find the most current BPD online at Follow these easy steps view the BPD:

    1. Select Resources/Forms from the left-hand menu.
    2. In the Additional Resources box, click the link to the Starbucks Benefit Plan Description.

    More information about your BPD

    The BPD is designed to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. The row of buttons on the right side of every page will help you navigate through and find the information you need. All references to other pages are linked and all links are blue. All internet addresses are also linked. If you click an active URL, it will launch your internet browser and take you to the selected website.

    You will find answers to a wide range of questions within the BPD. If you need help, you have several sources, and they’re all described for you in detail in “Where to Get Help” on page 1.