Renew My Plan

  • Please note: Open enrollment for 2017 plans ended on January 31. Open enrollment for 2018 plans is expected to begin on November 1. If you have recently married, welcomed a child, or had another major life event, find out if you qualify for a special enrollment.

    Count on the stability and experience of Premera

    We've learned a lot from serving more than 2 million members. And we're always looking for ways to make healthcare easier for you.

    To renew your plan for 2017, you'll need to know how you bought your 2016 plan.

    If you bought from will contact you with instructions. You may need to renew with them instead of through Premera. In some cases, however, you may need to do nothing.

    If you bought directly from Premera

    From Nov. 1. to Jan. 31, you can use our online shop tool to help you pick your plan for 2017. Or visit Health Plans for more information.

    If the plan you had in 2016 is no longer being offered for 2017, we can help you transition to a plan to fit your needs.

    We know circumstances can change over a year. Find out about subsidies and what you'll need to determine if you're eligible for help paying for your plan, your health care, or both.

    Dental coverage

    Healthy smiles are important for good health. Premera offers affordable dental coverage that you can add to your health plan. You can choose from hundreds of dentists throughout Alaska.

    Visit Dental Plans for deadlines and details on how to purchase a plan.

    Grandfathered plans

    A grandfathered plan is an individual health plan purchased on or before March 23, 2010. This type of plan is exempt from many changes required by the Affordable Care Act.

    If you're enrolled in a grandfathered plan, you don't need to do anything. Your plan will renew automatically on Jan. 1, 2017. However, if your health needs have changed and you want information about our 2017 plans, our customer service representatives can help you. Call us weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 855-738-0954.