Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Open enrollment periods

    What is open enrollment? When is the open enrollment period?

    Open enrollment is the annual time period when you can apply for a health plan or make changes to your current health plan. The open enrollment period for 2016 individual health coverage begins November 1, 2015 and will run through January 31, 2016.

    Our 2016 plans are designed to help you take charge of your healthcare. We have a wide variety of plans available to purchase during open enrollment. You can visit the Health Plans page under Shop for Plans to review our 2016 health plan options.

    I'd like to purchase a 2015 Premera health plan. Can I still buy one?

    You can purchase a 2015 Premera health plan until December 15, 2015 if you have a qualifying event.

    What is a qualifying event?

    A qualifying life event is a significant change to your life such as getting married, having a child or losing your job.

    How to use your plan

    I bought a 2015 health plan. How do I know that I'm covered?

    After November 1, you'll receive a welcome email with links to valuable resources. Please call us at 800-508-4722 with any questions about your health plan.

    If you purchased a 2016 health plan directly from Premera and have not yet received your ID card, you'll be covered by your plan starting on the day you selected. Doctors and hospitals can confirm your coverage directly with us.

    If you purchased your 2016 health plan through HealthCare.gov, and have not received your ID card, there may have been a delay in processing your application. Please call HealthCare.gov to confirm your application status.

    Where do I go to find specific information about my plan online?

    You can create an account on Premera.com. You'll need your member ID number and suffix (see the front of your ID card).

    By logging in, you'll find specific information about your plan. You can track claims and spending toward your deductible or pay bills. You can also log in to find in-network doctors, dentists, pharmacies, urgent care centers, hospitals, and emergency rooms.

    I need to use my health plan, but I don't have my ID card. What should I do?

    In-network doctors , hospitals and pharmacies can confirm your coverage directly with us. You can still get care if you need it, even if you don't have your ID card. You can also call us at 800-508-4722 and we'll give you your ID number.

    I purchased a 2015 health plan through HealthCare.gov and made changes for 2016. I received my bill, and it doesn't reflect my plan changes. What should I do?

    Make sure to pay the amount reflected on the bill. If you recently made changes to your plan, they may not be reflected in your bill immediately. There is sometimes a delay in the exchange of records between HealthCare.gov and Premera.

    Future bills will be adjusted to reflect any changes to your plan. For example, if you made changes that reduced the cost of your plan, and those updates were not reflected in your January bill, the amount you may have overpaid will be deducted from your February or March bill. Call us at 800-508-4722 with any questions.

    Where can I find more information online?

    Follow our Healthsource blog. It offers helpful tips and information to help you stay healthy, get the highest quality care, and make the best use of your health plan.

    You can also find helpful information on Premera.com under Member Services.