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    Working together, we can create a healthier Alaska

    The cost and quality of healthcare concerns all of us. We at Premera have new leadership and new vision, and we’re facing these issues head on. Working together, we can control the rising cost of healthcare and provide healthcare that actually makes people healthier.

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    Changes to the healthcare system will be effective only if they are sustainable over the long haul. We are committing our energy and resources to the goal of maintaining high quality care. We’ll be rolling out new ideas that will bring sustainable healthcare to all of us—members, producers, and health plans. Change won’t happen overnight, but it’s time to take the first step toward making healthcare more accountable and efficient.

    What we’re offering

    Restructured pricing and innovative plan design

    We’re making major improvements in pricing, plan design, and provider contracts. We offer a variety of funding options, tools, and technologies to enable better service at lower cost, and value-based provider networks.


    In addition to competitive pricing, we consistently offer the highest value when you factor in coverage, network, service, and Blue’s long-standing reputation of excellence. And our regionalization of plans means you have options that fit your specific needs.

    Excellent Service. Personal Care

    We have a proven record of operational excellence and we provide value far beyond just processing claims. We get high marks for service and personal care. We take the confusion out of health plans by serving as your resource for healthcare reform education.

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    Dental coverage

    It’s no secret—good dental health affects your employees’ overall health. Premera’s dental plans help both kids and adults maintain healthy teeth. Plus, they have access to a nationwide network of more than 120,000 dentists for dental care.

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    We need to work together to control healthcare costs and make sure healthcare helps people get and stay healthy. We’ll help your employees understand this and help them commit to better health by avoiding risky behaviors that are the root cause of many chronic illnesses – smoking, alcohol abuse, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and obesity. More than 80 percent of Alaska’s healthcare dollars go to treating these lifestyle-triggered illnesses.

    Our strong, workplace wellness programs will help your employees take control of their health and will help you take control of health care costs.

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