Administrative Changes

  • Did you know that due to health care reform, the rules about waiting periods and pre-existing conditions (PEC) will change in 2014?

    Changes to Waiting Periods 

    • Waiting periods for employees and dependents (covered on an employer health plan) can no longer exceed 90 days 
    • Employers are not obligated to administer any waiting period at all
    • Beginning January 1, 2015, Certificates of Creditable Coverage will no longer need to be provided

    Get the details about the waiting period changes and how they apply to your group and processes.

    Changes to Pre-Existing Conditions Requirements 

    • Employer groups and individuals that renew their coverage on or after January 1, 2014 will not be subject to any pre-existing condition waiting periods
    • Employer groups are allowed to keep the PEC waiting period clause in their contract until their plan renewal date on or after January 1, 2014

    Auto-Enrollment and Employer Exchange Notice (51+ Employees) 

    This provision has been delayed. When it is implemented, the Affordable Care Act has specific provisions about auto-enrollment of members and notification to employees about the employer exchanges. Do you know the rules? Get the details about auto-enrollment and notification requirements.