• Help with Cost

    Who is Eligible? 

    Financial help comes in the form of a federal tax credit. You can use it immediately to lower what you pay for your health plan each month, or lower what you pay at tax time. Qualification depends on your household size and income. Plans and prices will be available for purchase on insurance marketplaces—including directly from Premera—during enrollment periods.

    The next open enrollment period begins November 15, 2014, unless you experience a qualifying event that allows you special enrollment. If you qualify for special enrollment you can call us at 877-PREMERA to get assistance enrolling in a plan.

    Generally you can qualify for financial help if:

    • Your employer does not offer a health plan
    • You don’t receive Medicare
    • Your family income is less than four times the federal poverty level. The chart below gives you an idea of what that means.
  • Number in your household Annually, if you make less than...
    Just you $57,400
    Family of 2 $77,520
    Family of 3 $97,640
    Family of 4 $117,760
    Family of 5 $137,880
    Family of 6 $158,000
    Family of 7 $178,120
    Family of 8 $198,240

    Learn more about whether you qualify.

    How Do I Get a Tax Credit? 

    You can qualify for a federal tax credit if you purchase your coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, a federally facilitated exchange where you compare and shop for healthcare plans.

    The Exchange shows you options you can choose from and how much you may be able to get in credits to help with your costs.

    You can contact Premera or your producer for help understanding whether you qualify for a credit, what plan options you have, and other steps you can take to keep costs down.