• Guidance Resources® Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Guidance Resources offers a continuum of employee assistance, work-life and wellness services helping individuals improve their behavioral and physical health and address personal, family and life issues. From emotional problems, relationship and family issues, legal, financial or wellness concerns, Guidance Resources provides a suite of programs to meet your employees’ needs.

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    Alaska please note: EAP is a built-in feature for groups 2-199. For groups of 200+, EAP is an optional product with expanded services availableWashington please note: EAP is a built-in feature for groups 1-50. For groups of 51+, EAP is an optional product with expanded services available.

    Premera Strategy

    Employee Assistance – Our Strategy

    Everyday concerns impact employees and company productivity. Mental health is an important component of healthy living, but an area where the health of our population is declining. The number of individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions such as depression or attention-deficit disorder is on the rise. So are prescriptions for medicines designed to combat these conditions, which include alcoholism, drug abuse and increased workplace absenteeism. These problems add hefty indirect costs for employers through decreased productivity.

    Providing employees with responsive service can encourage them to seek help for conditions before they worsen. Preventive services can help keep stressful life issues from affecting their job performance and developing into costly and/or detrimental health conditions.

    ComPsych® – A World-Class EAP Provider

    To address the impact of mental health and associated behaviors on healthcare costs and workforce productivity, Premera has teamed with ComPsych – The Guidance Resources Company® – to provide a customizable EAP to employees and their families.

    ComPsych's comprehensive EAP provides employers and employees with services that include:

    • 24/7 toll-free access to Master's and Ph.D.-degreed clinicians
    • Immediate and confidential access to information via the Internet
    • Management referrals by experienced clinicians
    • Management consultation to back up employer's HR professionals

    Alaska please note: EAP is a built-in feature for groups 2-199. For groups of 200+, EAP is an optional product with expanded services available.

    Employee Assistance Program

    These basic services come with all of our EAP programs. EAP is a built-in feature for groups 2-199. Groups of 200+ may add the Basic program or expanded EAP programs with additional options to compliment the services below.

    A Comprehensive EAP Committed to Quality Care

    An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service provided by employers to help employees with personal difficulties such as emotional problems; substance abuse issues; relationship and family crises; and legal and financial worries. Getting employees the right help at the right time results in better focus at work, greater productivity and less absenteeism. ComPsych’s EAP addresses the many complexities of life with help for everyday issues such as:

    • Managing stress
    • Family/spousal relationships
    • A poor economy
    • Surviving grief and loss
    • Energizing a career
    • Dealing with an illness/trauma

    24/7 Toll-Free Access to Master’s and PhD-Degreed Clinicians

    Any time employees and their family members call ComPsych, they immediately speak with a counselor who holds either a master’s or a PhD degree in social work, psychology or behavioral health. Providing immediate care is our top priority, so callers never reach an answering service or automated telephone menu system.

    Immediate and Confidential Access to Information Via the Internet

    GuidanceResources® Online provides a confidential source of information and advice via the Internet. Employees and their family members can browse online content as a complement to telephone support. GuidanceResources Online provides instant guidance, information and helpful tools to address life’s challenges.

    Management Referral by Experienced Clinicians

    When a human resources manager or line supervisor requires assistance with an employee performance issue, the manager can turn to the ComPsych management referral department. Our management referral specialists are specially trained and experienced clinicians dedicated to daily support of management referrals, formal or informal.

    Management Consultation to Back Up Employers’ HR Professionals

    ComPsych staffs a department of HR management consultation specialists that focuses on helping employers address issues such as workplace violence, workforce re-engineering and government regulatory compliance (for example the Americans with Disabilities Act and Drug-Free Workplace statutes). ComPsych delivers HR management consultation services in support of our customers’ HR policies and procedures.