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  • April, 2015 

    General Updates

    • Expanded Maternity Program Delivers Optimal Health
    • Your clients have a new ally — CareCompass360°
    • Rewards for great work
    • Premera Mobile: Answers on the go
    • Spring member newsletters are here!

    Individual Updates

    • Special enrollment periods still available
    • Rates final for older, closed individual plans
    • Payment choices for individual consumers

    Wellness Updates

    • Change to Wellness Program Coming in July

    March 16, 2015 


    • Individual rate letters to mail this week

    March, 2015 

    General Updates

    • Evolving to whole-person care management
    • Cost, quality upgrades to Find a Doctor tool
    • Non-Grandfathered Plans: Cost Shares Count Towards Out-of-Pocket Max
    • Virtual care + NurseLine cure the common wait
    • Inspiration to save is on the rise
    • Want more information on the Anthem cyberattack?
    • Administrator’s Quick Reference Guide now available
    • Change streamlines renewal process
    • Changing agencies? Let's stay connected

    Individual Updates

    • Why choosing a PCP makes sense
    • HSAs and their triple tax advantage
    • New way to transfer contracts

    Small Group Updates

    • Renewing small group tax documentation audits
    • Help Metallic Groups Avoid Gaps in Dental Coverage
    • Change streamlines renewal process

    Large Group Updates

    • Blue Distinction Total Care program pays providers for quality and outcomes

    Wellness Updates

    • Client’s results speak volumes for wellness program
    • Wellness program participants to get email reminders

    February 17, 2015 


    • One-week special enrollment period announced

    February, 2015 

    General Updates

    • New enrollment forms deadline for groups of 1-99
    • Producer of record change letters to be discontinued
    • Annual employer requirement
    • Media highlights Premera’s support of AIM care-improvement initiative
    • Rich Maturi discusses new virtual care solution
    • Utilization Management news update

    Individual Updates

    • Individual application deadline fast approaching
    • Understanding qualifying events
    • Using our logo?

    Small Group Updates

    • Please refer to the General Updates

    Large Group Updates

    • Please refer to the General Updates

    Wellness Updates

    • Clients will love February’s Wellness Academy module
    • Premera Wellness Program in action
    • Protecting your heart
    • Correction: Wellness program discounts

    January 9, 2015 


    • Talking about penalties with your clients?

    January, 2015 

    General Updates

    • 'Eyes Matter' mailing sent in December
    • Firm rates established for Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program
    • Customer service department understands the Alaskan way of life
    • Producer website evolution
    • Winter blues? The winter newsletter is here

    Individual Updates

    • Older plans renew in May
    • Producer support menu option changed

    Small Group Updates

    • ACA probation period maximum explained

    Large Group Updates

    • Large Group sales manager joins Premera

    December, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Sprint Rewards finish line is in sight
    • Another option for care when and where it’s needed
    • Member penalty eliminated
    • More time for wellness
    • Alaska Vaccine Assessment
    • Network expands in Anchorage
    • Changing agencies? Let us know!

    Individual Updates

    • We’re proud of our individual plans
    • A great time to add dental coverage

    Small Group Updates

    • Metallic Employee-only Option Now Available
    • Producers must attest to kids dental coverage

    Large Group Updates

    • Premera and Symetra join forces

    November, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Sprint Rewards Program: We’ve sweetened the pot
    • Virtual care coming in January: Efficiencies and effectiveness up, hassles down. Everybody wins.
    • Medical Travel Support vs. Air/Surface Transportation: Know the differences to better help your clients
    • HDHP enrollment: Encourage your groups to get going soon for a smoother member experience
    • New product brochures and updated forms: Go to to find them all
    • New wellness program brochures available
    • Important Medicare Supplement updates
    • New CMS requirements – have you complied?
    • Annual privacy notice mailing
    • A request for client feedback
    • Concerns about Ebola?

    Individual Updates

    • Working Saturdays: Now that’s dedication to a smooth member experience
    • Metallic clients to receive renewal letter
    • Discontinuation packets coming soon

    Small Group Updates

    • Underwriting audits begin

    Large Group Updates

    • Reducing out-of-pocket costs for members with End Stage Renal Disease

    October, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Go, team, go! Half-way point reached for Sprint Rewards Program
    • Alaska Wellness Academy coming this November
    • 2015 product highlights: Key features include updated Medical Travel Support and wellness program
    • Traveling for care just got easier- Medical Travel Support now covers companion travel expenses
    • Pump up wellness- program offers improved incentives, longer timeframes
    • B2B marketing campaign launches- gives group clients good reason to "look again"
    • Without this critical action, you may not get your commission
    • Flu shots, the preventive benefit powerhouse

    Individual Updates

    • Important Medicare updates
    • Consider Human Life Value
    • Now more people to answer your calls

    Small Group Updates

    • Renewal options for non-grandfathered small groups

    Large Group Updates

    • HPID required by November 5: Remind your self-funded clients

    September 30, 2014 


    • Individual member discontinuation communication

    September, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Cash rewards for a job well done
    • The fall issue of Premera For Your Health is here!
    • Federal Exchange requirements that could impact your commission
    • Communicating creditable coverage test results
    • Medicare Open Enrollment is quickly approaching
    • Help them avoid FSA forfeitures
    • ACA timeline: Where we are and what's next
    • 2015 benefit guides ready this month
    • Finding HSA information just got easier
    • Orthopedic surgeon joins network

    Individual Updates

    • Perfect product pairing for HDHPs
    • Product training sessions you won't want to miss

    Large Group Updates

    • Health plan identifier deadline approaching

    September 05, 2014 


    • Individual Metallic Rates Approved by the DOI

    August, 2014 

    General Updates

    • The Sprint is on to big sales rewards
    • Targeting members with avoidable ER visits
    • Importance of a PCP and preventive care
    • Part D creditable coverage testing begins
    • Meet the team

    Individual Updates

    • Learn more about critical illness coverage
    • Updated administrative guides available
    • FFM certification rules that impact you

    Small Group Updates

    • Encouraging metallic wellness program adoption

    Large Group Updates

    • Another ACA deadline you need to know about

    July, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Check out the summer digital newsletter
    • Updates to secure member site and new mobile app
    • Meet the team: Jason Mahoney

    Individual Updates

    • More choices in financial protection
    • Don't miss out! Dental open enrollment ends soon
    • Understand late-payment reinstatement rules
    • MLR rebates mailed

    Small Group Updates

    • Plan now for extended groups' 2015 renewals
    • Help members take healthy steps now

    Large Group Updates

    • Final mental health parity rules

    June, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Jeff Davis retiring
    • Alaska Wellness Academy kick-off
    • New Utilization Management digital magazine
    • Premera For Your Health summer digital newsletter coming soon!
    • New COBRA special enrollment window
    • Meet our team: Terri Good, Sales Support Manager

    Individual Updates

    • New adult dental plans launch
    • Special dental enrollment open now
    • New individual coverage available
    • Update producer FAQ for qualifying events
    • MLR rebates mailed soon
    • Summer hours for Producer Support

    Small Group Updates

    • Non-grandfathered small group plan extension
    • Important RapidRate reminder
    • Metallic small group discontinuation notices

    Large Group Updates

    • 2013 Drug Trend Report released

    May, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Introducing the Alaska Wellness Academy
    • Cost and quality transparency tools to help our members
    • Alaska legislative session round-up
    • Online updates
    • Premera receives Brand Excellence award
    • Meet our team: Maureen Gali, Client Manager

    Individual Updates

    • Product roadshow headed your way
    • Changes to agency agreement on the way
    • Producer tool updated

    Small Group Updates

    • Train small groups to create strong environments of wellness

    Large Group Updates

    • 100+ Wellness motivates your large groups to get healthy

    April 24, 2014 


    • Individual member newsletter

    April, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Prior authorization for compound medications
    • Meet our team: Fred Maldonado, Account Manager

    Individual Updates

    • Individual open enrollment ended
    • Individual grandfathered members' plan options
    • Producer Support team update

    Small Group Updates

    • Check out our updated HSA/HRA setup form
    • Helping members get healthy

    Large Group Updates

    • ACA out-of-pocket maximum rules

    March 27, 2014 


    • Alaskans now have more time to sign up for health insurance through the federal marketplace

    March 21, 2014 


    • Third-party payer rules
    • Exchange enrollment timelines
    • Rates approved for Individual grandfathered plans

    March 18, 2014 


    • Jeff Roe to be the next Premera CEO

    March 14, 2014 


    • Update to the Small Group metallic wellness program
    • Employer shared responsibility update for Large Group plans

    March, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Have you heard about Choosing Wisely?
    • Meet our team: Sherrill Miller, Senior Account Manager

    Individual Updates

    • Important enrollment deadline coming this month
    • Encourage your clients to select a PCP

    Small Group Updates

    • What you're asking about consumer-driven plans
    • Check out new online updates

    Large Group Updates

    • Reminder: Pharmacy rebate option

    February 14, 2014 


    • Digital member magazine now available
    • Annual CMS notification for creditable medicare drug coverage
    • Contract addendum mailing to small groups with contract extensions

    February, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Improved billing for lab services
    • New PCP selection tool for metallic plans
    • Utilization Management digital magazine update
    • Alaskan move!
    • Meet our team: Brad Olsen, Senior Account manager

    Individual Updates

    • Rate change for Alaska grandfathered plans
    • Getting ahead of the rush of applications
    • Take a peek at metallic member statements

    Small Group Updates

    • Summary of Benefits and Coverage available online
    • Summary of Contract Changes now online

    Large Group Updates

    • Large Group medical benefits guides now available

     January, 2014 

    General Updates

    • Get active and help your community with Alaska Moves
    • Pharmacy prior authorization changes for metallic plans
    • Probationary period maximum length mandated by Affordable Care Act
    • Timeline for submitting enrollment and renewal materials
    • Meet our team: Mary Anne Wivholm, Account Manager

    Individual Updates

    • Looking ahead to a new Individual market: a message from John Mychalishyn, Director of Individual and Senior Markets
    • Helping Individual members better understand their health plan
    • The good value of Individual Bronze plans

    Small Group Updates

    • RapidRateTM Quick Start Guide

    Large Group Updates

    • Reminder: Wellness Program now standard with every fully insured 100+ health plan

    December 13, 2013 

    • Final date approaching for January Individual enrollment
    • New provider directories
    • Agency Agreement addendum on the way

    December 5, 2013 

    General Updates

    • Health insurance for all legally married spouses
    • Help your employers navigate through healthcare reform
    • Alaska legislative update
    • Alaska legislative update

    Individual Updates

    • Mailing to members enrolled on non-grandfathered plans
    • Mailing to members enrolled on grandfathered plans
    • Alaska dental, vision, hearing update
    • Making it easier for you to order materials

    Small Group Updates

    • New metallic wellness employer toolkit for your clients to use
    • Flexible Spending Account rule changed by Treasury Department

    Large Group Updates

    • Wellness program for employers with 100 or more employees

    November 27, 2013 

    • Extending non-grandfathered plans

    November 22, 2013 

    • Rate extension for small group employers
    • Opt-out of the extension
    • Letters to inform employers

    November 1, 2013 

    • Orthopedic surgeon in Anchorage joins Premera network
    • Get the latest on medical policies with our online magazine
    • Helping members through our news blog and social media
    • Mailing for Massachusetts member requirements
    • Plans that offer built-in benefits with value
    • Medical Travel Support included in metallic plans
    • Differences between enrolling directly through us or through the Alaska Federal Exchange
    • Go Blue! Campaign launch
    • Helping make sense of healthcare reform
    • Understanding premium subsidies and more
    • Get quotes quickly and accurately with RapidRateTM
    • Wellness program: Healthy employees, healthy business
    • Reminder about our 2014 large group plans
    • Get answers to your questions
    • Calendar

    October 1, 2013 

    • Alaska Symposium presentations will soon be posted online – stay tuned!
    • Helping your employer groups on grandfathered plans make decisions
    • Introducing prior authorization
    • Introducing our new metallic portfolio for Individual plan members
    • Webinars will be held soon for you to get more information on certain topics
    • Medicare open enrollment starts soon
    • New metallic portfolio with built-in benefits for your clients
    • A new look to RapidRate
    • Helping employer groups with the changes ahead
    • Introducing new minimum value plans

    September 25, 2013 

    • Helping Small Group Employers with the Changes Ahead

    September 13, 2013 

    • New Individual plans for 2014

    September 3, 2013 

    • Helping Make this Transition Easy for Members

    August 29, 2013 

    • Introducing Our New Bulletin

    August 27, 2013 

    • NEW! “Health Plan Basics” Offers the Latest on Healthcare Reform and a Helpful Video to Share with Your Clients
    • Teaming with Walgreens to Help Customers Navigate Healthcare Reform
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update: Large Group Shared Responsibility Penalty and Reporting Requirements Delayed Until 2015
    • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund Fees Begin for Group Plans
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • New Improvements to “Serve It Up!”
    • Cost Sharing Policy for Colonoscopy Procedures
    • “Find A Doctor” Tool Provides Out-of-Pocket Cost Estimates
    • Creditable Coverage Testing for Prescription Drug Plans
    • Agency Agreement Update Issued in August
    • Service Excellence: 2013 Second Quarter Results
    • Labor Day Holiday Office Closure
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    July 29, 2013 

    • Reminding Employers That They Can Choose to Renew Early

    July 26, 2013 

    • Change is Coming

    July 3, 2013 

    • Small Group Wellness Rewards Program Expands
    • Alaska Legislative Session Update
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • Premera Issues Medical Loss Ratio Rebates for Individual & Family Plans
    • Additional Preventive Benefits Began June 1
    • New Maternity and Newborn Programs
    • Medical Policies at
    • 2012 Annual Report
    • Help Your Employer Clients Keep Member Records Current
    • Independence Day Holiday Office Closure

    June 10, 2013 

    • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska Announces 2014 Individual Producer Commissions

    May, 2013 

    • Alaska Legislative Session Update
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • Premera Begins Collecting Certain ACA Taxes & Fees for 51+ Groups
    • 12-Month Medical Exclusionary Period for Re-Enrollment Removed for Individual Plans
    • Medical Loss Ratio Rebates for Individual Subscribers Coming Soon
    • Reminder: New Individual & Family Application in Use
    • Medigap Policy Guide Required with All Medicare Supplement Applications
    • Service Excellence: 2013 Q1 Results
    • Helpful Hints for Customer Service Authorizations and Appeals
    • Drug List Updates
    • Express Scripts Home Delivery Packaging: Different Appearance, Same Medication
    • Mike Bergstraesser Retires from Premera
    • Staff Update
    • Premera Recognizes its Outstanding Marketing Employees
    • Independence Day Holiday Office Closure
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    May 8, 2013 

    • Products and Rates Filed for 2014

    April 9, 2013 

    • Alaska Legislative Session Update
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • Jeff Davis Shares Insight on Benefits Talk
    • A Message from John Mychalishyn, Director of Individual Sales: Kelly Jones Joins Individual Sales Team
    • The Leaders Program for 2013
    • Alaska Children’s Reinsurance Pool Prompts Update to Individual & Family Application
    • March Mailing to Individual & Family Subscribers
    • Take a Tour of the Secure Member Website
    • Medical Policy Updates
    • Medication Safety: Controlled Substance Utilization Service
    • Pharmacy Discount Program Offers Solution for Individual Members with ACA-Required Drug Coverage
    • USAble Life Update
    • Service Excellence: 2012 Year-End Results
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    February 26, 2013 

    • Serve it Up! App for iPhone is Here
    • Alaska Legislative Session
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • Individual Renewal Update
    • Individual & Family Application Updated
    • New, Improved Member EOBs
    • Premera Customer Service Employees Receive World Class Certification
    • NEW! Secure Email Messaging with Premera Customer Service
    • – Fresh, New Look
    • Premera Mobile App for Windows 8 and Kindle Fire Now Available
    • Mandated Autism Benefits
    • Heritage Plus Provider Reimbursement Update
    • Employer Requirement: Annual CMS Notification for Creditable Medicare Drug Coverage
    • Get Up to Speed with USAble Life
    • Premera Supports “Diabetes Diaries”
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    January 21, 2013 

    • Alaska Children's Reinsurance Pool for Individual Applicants Under Age 19

    December 31, 2012 

    • Serve it Up!
    • Premera Says Thanks to Jack McRae
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • Alaska Legilsative Update
    • Choosing Wisely: When to Say ‘Whoa!’ to Doctors
    • The Enrollment Center at USAble Life
    • Premera Wins Two 2012 Best of Blues Awards
    • Individual Producer Support Update
    • Holiday Office Closures
    • December Commission Checks Mailed January 7
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    December 21, 2012 

    • Provider Reimbursement Update

    December 5, 2012 

    • Three-Tier Benefit Structure Expanded
    • November 2012 Election Recap
    • Alaska Health Care Commission
    • Annual Privacy Notice Mailing
    • Jim Havens Joins the Individual Leadership Team
    • Healthcare Coverage: How it Works
    • Service Excellence: 2012 Q3 Results
    • Easy and Fun Energy Tracking Phone App to Kick Start Healthy Habits
    • Holiday Office Closures
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    November 30, 2012 

    • November 2012 Election Recap
    • Washington Health Benefit Exchange
    • Jim Havens Joins the Individual Leadership Team
    • Cost Shares, Final Details for Medicare Supplement Annual Adjustment
    • Individual & Family Plans Renew January 1, 2013
    • Healthcare Coverage: How it Works
    • Easy and Fun Energy Tracking iPhone App to Kick Start Healthy Habits
    • Annual Privacy Notice Mailing
    • Service Excellence: 2013 Q3 Results
    • Holiday Office Closures
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    September 10, 2012 

    • New Rules for Summary of Benefits and Coverage Start September 23
    • Protection from Whooping Cough
    • Medical Loss Ratio Mailing Scheduled
    • Planned System Upgrade This Month
    • Medco Merges with Express Scripts, New Name Effective September 1
    • Drug List Updates
    • Service Excellence: 2012 Q2 Results
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    July 2012 

    • Wellness Rewards Program Timeline for Groups 2-99
    • Find A Doctor Tool Adds Patient Review Feature
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Alaska’s Health Insurance Exchange Update
    • Medical Loss Ratio Update
    • Premera Sponsors Alaska State Fair
    • Women’s Preventive Health Benefits
    • Planned System Upgrade in September
    • Creditable Coverage Testing for Prescription Drug Plans
    • Staff Updates
    • Premera’s Outstanding Sales Support Employees
    • Cut the Clutter – Go Paperless!
    • Need Sales Materials?
    • Labor Day Weekend Office Closures
    • July Commission Checks Mailed August 6
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    May 31, 2012 

    • Premera Announces Agreement with USAble Life

    May 2012 

    • Introducing Enhanced Wellness Package for 2-99 Employee Groups
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Healthcare Reform Changes to Women’s Preventive Health Benefits Begin August 1
    • Drug List Updates
    • NEW! Premera Mobile App for iPad
    • Producer & Agency Updates at Premera
    • Service Excellence – 2012 Q1 Results
    • 2011 Annual Report
    • Premera Recognizes its Outstanding Sales Employees
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    April 2012 

    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • 12-Month Exclusionary Period for Re-Enrollment on Premera Individual Plans
    • Updates to the Leaders Program
    • Avoid Medicare Supplement Application Returns
    • Premera Members Save Money While Getting Fit with Extras!
    • April Commission Checks Mailed May 7
    • Memorial Day Weekend Office Closures
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    March 30, 2012 

    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • Selling and Renewing Individual Business
    • New Individual Enrollment Application
    • Guidelines for Promoting Premera
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    March 19, 2012 

    • Premera’s Individual & Family Annual Renewal: May 1, 2012

    March 19, 2012 

    • Discontinued Alaska Individual & Family Plans

    March 9, 2012 

    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • Healthcare Costs in Alaska – Why So High?
    • What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do For Our Health?
    • Producers Were Key to a Successful January Renewal Season
    • Service Excellence – 2011 Year-End Results
    • Individual & Family Rates Approved for Annual Renewal
    • Get Your Plate in Shape to Get Your Health in Shape
    • Drug List Updates
    • HSA Preventive Drug Benefits
    • Support Your HSA Plan Clients with our Income Tax Checklist
    • Advertising Campaign Resumes
    • Group Sales E-Mailbox Provides Best Service

    January 24, 2012 

    • Upcoming Benefit Changes for Groups

    January 2012 

    • Alaska Legislative & Health Insurance Exchange Update
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Workplace Wellness on 
    • New 3-Tier Benefits for Group Plans
    • NEW! Premera Video Library
    • Disease Management Program Goes Live
    • Employer Requirement: Annual CMS Notification for Creditable Medicare Drug Coverage
    • Cut the Clutter – Go Paperless!
    • Staff Updates
    • Premera Discontinues Three Individual Plans
    • 1099 Tax Forms Released
    • January Commission Checks Mailed February 6
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    December 2011 

    • Premera Goes Mobile with New Member App
    • Alaska’s Health Insurance Exchange & Legislative Update
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Premera Supports HB 164 – Selling Individual Coverage in the Group Market
    • More Provider Directory Enhancements
    • December Commission Checks Mailed January 3
    • Individual Sales & Support Team Out-of-Office Schedule
    • Medigap Policy Guide Required With All Medicare Supplement Applications
    • The Leaders Program in 2012
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    November 30, 2011 

    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update: ACA Lawsuits
    • Alaska’s Health Insurance Exchange Update
    • Additional Explanation of Benefits Updates Begin in December
    • Disease Management Program Update
    • Lipitor Patent Expires, Opens Door to Big Savings Opportunity
    • Drug List Updates
    • Early Confirmation Promises Best Service
    • Annual Privacy Notice Mailing
    • Holiday Office Closures
    • Premera’s Kirsten Simonitsch Named Seattle Business Magazine IT Leader of the Year
    • Upcoming Industry Event
    • NEW! Online Underwriting Guide for Medicare Supplement Plans
    • Premera Medicare Supplement Annual Adjustment
    • Producer & Agency Updates at Premera
    • LifeWise Assurance Company E-Mail updates

    November 14, 2011 – Special Edition 

    • Annual Adjustment for Premera’s Medicare Supplement Plans

    November 2, 2011 

    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update
    • Alaska’s Health Insurance Exchange Update
    • Premera Prepares for HB 164 – Selling Individual Coverage in the Group Market
    • Summary of Benefits & Coverage Compliance Coming Soon
    • January Enrollments & Renewals: Early Confirmation Promises Best Service
    • Personal Funding Account Enrollment Documentation Due 30 Days Prior to Effective Date
    • Premera Sales “Team” Mailbox Provides Best Service for 2-199 Group Needs
    • Premera Begins Member Reminder Calls
    • Service Excellence: Q3 Results
    • Premera CEO Gubby Barlow Receives American Jewish Committee Human Relations Award
    • Upcoming Industry Event
    • Premera Prepares for New Diagnostic Coding System
    • Premera Playmakers Support Community Organizations and the Seattle Seahawks
    • Staff Updates for LifeWise Assurance Company
    • October Commission Checks Released November 7
    • Thanksgiving Holiday Office Closures

    October 19, 2011 – Special Edition 

    • Premera Begins 2012 Medicare Supplement Sales

    October 2011 

    • More Provider Directory Tools for Members
    • Alaska’s Health Insurance Exchange Update
    • Federal Healthcare Reform Update: HHS Exchange Guidance
    • Convenient Access to Flu Shots
    • Network Update
    • Creditable Coverage Notices for Medicare-Eligible Members
    • Archived Producer Webinars Online
    • Congratulations to Phil Scroggs, Premera “Excellence” Award Winner
    • Healthy Living Day at the Alaska State Fair
    • Try LifeWise Assurance for Quality, Competitively Priced Ancillary Products
    • Upcoming Industry Event
    • Reminder: New Plan Change Form & Policy Effective October 1
    • Individual Sales & Producer Support at Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska

    August 2011 

    • Federal Legislative Update: Additional Draft Rules
    • Advancing Healthcare Reform in Alaska
    • September is Life Insurance Awareness Month
    • Help Protect Your Clients from Medical Identity Theft
    • Paperless EOBs: Smart, Efficient, Environmentally Thoughtful
    • Preferred Drug List Updates
    • Select Drug List Updates
    • Premera’s Extras! Discount Program Welcomes More New Vendors
    • Audit Program Expands
    • New Individual Plan Change Policy and Form
    • September Commission Checks
    • Labor Day Holiday Office Closures
    • Producer & Agency Updates at Premera
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    July 2011 

    • Join Premera on Social Media!
    • Federal Legislative Update: Draft Rules from the Federal Government
    • Premera Implements Frequency Limits on Preventive Services
    • Labor Day Holiday Office Closures
    • Revised Individual Book of Business Reports Released in August
    • Staff Updates: Producer Support Welcomes Two
    • New Anchorage Fitness Vendors Premera’s Extras! Discount Program
    • Disease Management – A Different Perspective
    • Service Excellence – Q2 Results
    • Premera Sponsors Alaska State Fair
    • Healthy Food and Lifestyle Product Coupons Support Member Wellness
    • Reminder: “Team” Mailbox Promises Best Service for 2-199 Group Needs
    • Reminder: Personal Funding Account Enrollment Documentation Due 30 Days Prior to Effective Date
    • Upcoming Industry Event

    June 2011 

    • Premera Introduces Enhanced Online Provider Finder
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • Changes to Explanation of Benefits Begin in July
    • Minimum Medical Loss Ratio Requirements
    • Comparative Effectiveness Fees Begin in Late 2012
    • Rehabilitation Benefits for AK HeritageSelect Envoy and AK HeritagePlus Envoy
    • Webinar Coming Soon: Select Drug List
    • Webinar Coming Soon: Healthcare Reform and Exchanges Impacts
    • NEW! Online Resource Identifies Acceptable Documentation for Exemption from Medicare Supplement Health Questionnaire
    • Upcoming Industry Event
    • 2012 Indexed Amounts for Health Savings Accounts
    • July Commission Checks
    • Independence Day Holiday Office Closure
    • Creditable Coverage Testing for Prescription Drug Plans
    • Praise for Customer Service Representative
    • Premera Recognizes Outstanding Sales & Marketing Employees

    May 2011 

    • Seattle Business Magazine Interviews Premera CEO Gubby Barlow
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • Memorial Day Weekend Office Closures
    • Personal Health Assessment Process Changes for Small Group
    • Health Assessment 101
    • Premera Taking Steps to Manage Higher Healthcare Costs for Air Ambulance Services
    • Healthy Food and Lifestyle Product Coupons Support Member Wellness
    • HSA Rules for Dependents Under Age 26
    • Upcoming Industry Event
    • Smoking Cessation Contract Endorsement Mailing for 51+ Employee Groups
    • Producer & Agency Updates at Premera
    • Preferred Drug List Updates
    • Select Drug List Updates
    • Guidelines for Promoting Premera
    • Colonoscopy Benefits for Individual Members
    • Welcome Christine Mylan, Team Lead for Individual Producer Support
    • Need Individual or Medicare Supplement Supplies?
    • Individual Sales & Producer Support at Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska

    April 4, 2011 – Special Edition 

    • Network Update: Alaska Native Medical Center

    April 2011 

    • Federal Legislative Update
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month
    • 2010 Annual Report Available
    • Interactive Technology to Improve Health in Simple, Meaningful Ways
    • Service Excellence Q1 Results
    • Online and Telephone Payment Options for Premera Group Plans
    • “Team” Mailbox Promises Best Service for 2-199 Group Needs
    • Underwriting Guideline Update for Groups with 51-99 Employees
    • Quick Tips: Submitting Individual or Medicare Supplement Applications
    • NEW! Individual Late Notice Reports
    • Dispose of Unwanted Prescription Drugs on April 30
    • Memorial Day Weekend Office Closures
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    March 9, 2011 – Special Edition 

    • Annual Renewal, Individual & Family Plans – May 1, 2011

    March 2011 

    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • Premera Ad Campaign Resumes in Alaska
    • Top Four Reasons a Medicare Supplement Application is Returned
    • Reminder: New Medicare Supplement Application in Use
    • Caring for Members Doesn’t End on Friday
    • Upcoming Industry Event
    • Premera’s Care Management Program Benefits Members, Providers and Staff
    • Producer of Record Policy Reminder

    February 28, 2011 

    • Service Excellence – 2010 Year-End Results
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • NEW! Guide to Helping Groups with Their Grandfathered Plans
    • Preferred Drug List Updates
    • Need Individual or Medicare Supplement Supplies?
    • CMS Releases 2011 Medigap Policy Guide
    • Commission Checks Released March 7

    February 2, 2011 

    • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Accepting Individual Applications
    • Book of Business Reports for Individual Sales to be Released Late February
    • Commission Checks Released February 7
    • Individual Sales & Support at Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska
    • Agency & Producer Updates at Premera
    • Premera’s “Team” Mailbox Promises Best Service for 2-199 Group Needs
    • Reminder: 2-99 Group Portfolio Includes 4-Tier Pharmacy Benefits
    • Reminder: Personal Funding Account Enrollment Documentation Due 30 Days Prior to Effective Date
    • Alaska Legislative Update
    • Premera Case Manager Recognized Among Peers
    • Employer Requirement: Annual CMS Notification for Creditable Medicare Drug Coverage Due by February 28
    • Upcoming Industry Events

    January 5, 2011 

    • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska Accepting Individual Applications as of January 15, 2011