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    Remember: Wellness Program is now standard with every fully insured 100+ health plan

    Did you know that a successful wellness program leads to:

    • Reduced healthcare costs
    • Happier, healthier employees
    • Increased productivity
    • Decreased absenteeism

    That's why - starting in 2014 - our large group plans will include a wellness program for employers with 100 or more employees. The wellness rewards program is included at no extra cost to employers, but offer a big return - with 75% employee participation:

    • Participating employees receive a $150 Visa® debit card
    • The group receives 7.5% reduction on their renewal rates

    Premera Senior Account Manager Brad Olson says, "In general, clients see the program as the cornerstone of an expanding wellness effort they are initiating in their work force."

    Contact your Premera account manager to find out more about how your clients can earn rewards and reduce their rates through the 100+ wellness program.