Health and Wellness Programs

  • Healthy Rewards for Healthy Employees

    We offer a variety of programs and services that are designed to keep employees healthy, lower costs and reward people for doing the right thing.

    A wellness program designed for our new metallic plans. 

    Our metallic wellness programs are available to employer groups with 1-50 employees starting January 1, 2014 for new business and renewing groups on non-grandfathered plans.

    We know that healthier employees lead to a healthier budget. That’s why we have continued to make our robust wellness program available in our new metallic plans at no additional cost. Once employees complete their wellness activities there are built-in rewards: 

    • Employer will save 7.5% on the premium of each employee
    • Employees will earn a $150 Visa® debit card

    Help your clients launch a successful wellness program.

    Employer groups enrolling through 2013 or renewing grandfathered plans will still have access to their current wellness program with no changes.

    Integrated Health Management offers a number of programs that enable members to take a more active role in managing their health and wellness. From Care Management and Pharmacy Services to Disease Management, we facilitate better patient-provider interactions. And as a result, the best care possible.

    When people want to make smarter and healthier food choices, they’re logging on to Serve It Up! and accessing a world of healthful options. With Serve It Up!, it's easy to shop smart and eat healthy, receive coupons for healthy food products and connect with other healthy minded people.

    More information about our Health and Wellness programs is available by contacting your Premera Sales representative at 888-669-2583 or 907-258-5065.