Dental Plans

  • 2016 Dental Benefit Guide 

    Dental Benefit Guide 

    Premera DentalBlue plans for groups with 2+ employees.

    Premera DentalBlue plans encourage preventive care and promote good oral health habits that can lead to better overall health outcomes. Plans are available for groups of two or more employees.

    Network Strength and Accessibility

    The strength of our dental network and access to nationwide contracted dental providers makes it easy for employees to find the right dentist for their needs, and it translates into greater savings for in-network services.

    • With Premera DentalBlue plan, employees have access to one of the largest dental provider networks in Alaska.
    • Providers in our network accept our allowable charges as payment in full, which can save members money. Providers not in our network may charge back to the member the difference between our allowable charge and their billed charge.

    A range of product options to build a comprehensive benefits package

    Premera offers a range of dental plans offering choice and flexibility, allowing employers to offer a more attractive and comprehensive employee benefits package. Our dental portfolio:

    • Provides dental care with no deductibles for cleanings, routine exams and X-rays, sealants and fluoride treatments
    • Gives employers a wide range of coverage options to strike the right balance between coverage and cost
    • Offers stand-alone product options for groups with five or more employees
    • Provides employer-sponsored and voluntary dental plan options
    • Includes free online tools for members offering a wealth of dental health information such as Dental Health Center, Dental Cost Estimator and easy access to our dental provider directory.