Two Quick Tips for the Secure Employer Website

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    Published January 7, 2019

    The new year is often the start of the benefit year for many businesses. That means January can be a busy month for producers who support their clients with account and billing information, enrollment updates, and reports.

    Here are two tips to make your work a little easier.

    1. Your group’s plan administrator can give you access to their secure employer website

    Once your group is set up with an account on the Premera secure employer website, It takes only about 15 seconds for the group’s plan administrator to add a user. Group administrators determine who gets access to the secure website and what they can see or do once inside by assigning role-based permissions. If your group client wants to add you to their account, they will find easy-to-follow help in the secure employer website guides.

    1. If you are locked out of your account or forget your password, you can help yourself

    Supporting several clients often means managing multiple passwords, and it can be easy to forget them. If your client gives you access to their secure employer website, and you are locked out, you can help yourself without making a call. On the Employer Login page, select reset your password and follow the instructions.

    log-in screenshot

    Get more tips

    Use our complete collection of how-to guides to help you navigate the secure employer website with ease.

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