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    Your partners in care

    Advocating for yourself can be challenging even in the best of health. That's why we have a number of programs and people ready to support you.

    Case Management

    Premera has personalized, one-on-one support available to help you with complex health situations.

    This service is included as part of your plan—it's for members and their caregivers. For contact information, sign into your online account.

    Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

    Seattle Cancer Care Alliance logo

    Premera is ready where you need us most, on site at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Our patient liaisons help take on the health-plan management part of your care. They can:

    • Collaborate with your caregivers.
    • Help expedite appointments and pre-approvals for your treatment.
    • Help you get acquainted with the center.
    • Connect you with resources for financial help, spiritual health, or wellbeing.
    • Answer questions about your coverage.

    Second opinions

    Seeing a different doctor to confirm a diagnosis or treatment plan is common and encouraged. If you want a second opinion for any reason, it is covered usually at the same cost share as any office visit.

    Clinical trials

    Clinical trials or studies test new medical drugs, devices, or procedures. If you and your doctor decide this is right for you, your health plan covers the routine medical costs of a qualified clinical trial. Depending on the specifics of the trial, this might include some investigative treatments. Make sure your provider checks with your health plan to see what parts of the clinical trial are covered. 

    More information

    See more information on understanding cost, alternative care options, and Centers of Excellence for life-changing diagnoses

    Note:  Benefits under your health plan may differ, so refer to your benefit booklet for information on what your specific plan covers. This is general information about benefits and coverage; actual benefits depend on your benefit plan and eligibility on the date of service.

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