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    Group Health Plans

    Premera Blue Cross offers a choice of health plans that strike a balance between coverage and price and still give employees the coverage they need. 

    • The freedom to select networks and benefits to suit individual needs and preferences
    • High-quality coverage with choices for managing rising healthcare costs
    • A variety of plan funding options to give employees more control over their healthcare spending

    Small Groups (2-50 Employees)

    Large Groups (51-99, 100+ Employees)

  • Personal Funding Accounts

    Our innovative plan designs are complemented by new tools and health support resources that work together, empowering you and your employees to take greater control of health and healthcare dollars. This approach, known as Personal Funding Accounts, offers new opportunities for managing costs and increasing workforce productivity.

    Contact your producer or Premera representative for an overview of our plans, personal funding accounts and supporting features that all work cohesively to promote better health and more responsible healthcare spending.

    To learn more, contact your producer or contact us.

    Integrated Health Management (IHM)

    At Premera, we understand that you want to help your employees take a more active role in managing their health. And we know that their relationship with their doctor is a crucial element in staying as healthy as possible. That's why we offer Integrated Health Management (IHM), a series of programs that help ensure your employees receive high-quality, high-value care and that helps your company work towards a more positive health outcome.

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