Pharmacy Benefit Guide

  • Express Scripts personalized pharmacy services

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  • Three-level pharmacy benefit

    Amount you pay varies by level

    With Premera's leveled pharmacy benefit, you have access to a wide range of safe and effective drugs. Prescription drugs are categorized into one of three levels. The amount of money you pay out of pocket for your prescription varies by level, with the first level generally being the lowest-cost option.

    Search the Preferred Drug List to see what level a drug falls into.

    Level 1: Generic drugs

    • Are FDA-approved and are as safe and effective as brand name drugs
    • Usually are the lowest cost option

    Premera's generics program, can help you save money on your medications.

    Level 2: Preferred brands

    • Are clinically safe and effective as shown by data from medical journals
    • Usually are cost-effective, providing the best results at the most affordable price
    • Have a moderate cost

    Select a Level 2 drug when there is no generic alternative or if your doctor decides a brand name drug is the best for your condition.

    Level 3: Non-preferred brands

    • Include new drugs that have not been reviewed for safety and efficacy by Express Scripts' Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee
    • Often have Level 1 or Level 2 alternatives (equally safe and effective but more cost-effective)
    • Can be drugs with potential safety concerns or lack of evidence of efficacy
    • Have the highest cost

    Preventive drug benefit

    Our preventive drug benefits are HSA-qualified and provide full coverage to ensure that you have access to those medications that are determined to help keep your condition from getting worse. Deductibles and coinsurances are waived for certain generic medications that treat cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

    Consult the Preventive Care Drug List to see if your drug is included in this benefit.