Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Omada Health

    For individuals at risk for chronic diseases

    Omada is a digital behavior-change program that can help you lose weight, reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases, and feel better than you have in years. The program provides support and coordinates what people at risk need to embrace for lasting change.

    Program features include:

    • A professional health coach to help you stay on track—on your best days and your worst days
    • Tech tools such as a wireless scale and an interactive portal to track your progress and reveal what is and isn’t working for you
    • Interactive online lessons that provide guidelines to immediately inform and influence your choices for better eating, fitness, sleep, and stress management
    • A small support group of peers that will encourage you at every step

    You can participate in this program at no extra cost—Omada is included in your health plan benefits.

    To find out if you or an adult dependent(s) are eligible, complete the one-minute health screening at omadahealth.com/aag.