Premera Listens, then improves

By Dani Chung
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Premera teams highlight kudos from customers through Premera Listens on this "Wall of Fame."

When customers interact with Premera online, over the phone, with the mobile app, they often will get the opportunity to provide feedback about this interaction.

The process is simple. The survey prompts the customer with statements that Premera hopes they find true of the interaction and asks them to grade each one:

  1. The information I needed was simple to find.
  2. The information was clear.
  3. The information I needed was up to date.

The customer also has an opportunity to write any comments about the experience.

At the start of each day, a group of nine people—the Premera Listens Activation Team—gathers to comb through pages of this feedback from the day before, specifically around the Individual Market. Led by Kristin Meadows, director of Individual Market, the team spends half an hour discussing any negative or vague comments that come through the survey.

She wanted to ensure her team was executing based on Premera’s purpose: to improve customers’ lives by making healthcare work better. “I was feeling inadequate when it came to our key stakeholders: our customers,” Meadows said. “I asked myself, ‘Do I have my finger on the pulse of our customers’ day-to-day relationship with Premera? Do I understand their pain points?’”

Through this process, Meadows and her team have been able to solve customer issues, quickly and directly responding to customers. Sometimes this means Meadows herself picks up a phone and calls the customer back. 

"We spend so much time preparing for Open Enrollment, it's easy to feel removed from the actual customer's experience," Meadows said. "Diving into this feedback and calling the customers brings us a better sense of the customer's reality."

This approach has informed the way Meadows' team prioritizes their day: fully around the customer. Jeff Stanton, a digital product manager in Premera's Customer Experience division, also participates in the activation team each morning.

"It grounds us immediately for the day in the customer experience," Stanton said. "Now, I'm going through my day in light of these stories, and it stirs me up to create solutions." 

Dani Chung is in Corporate Communications at Premera Blue Cross.



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