Meet the Premera Social Impact nonprofits at KING 5 Konnected

By Premera staff
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Latino Community Fund

Six nonprofit agencies that Premera supports will be at the one-of-a-kind KING 5 Konnected event.

Konnected brings together nonprofits and individuals from around the Pacific Northwest, so they can make an impact together. Premera is proud to sponsor the event.

“This event brings us together to learn and find out how we can support each other,” said Paul Hollie, who leads Premera Social Impact. “It is great that we have the opportunity to showcase some of our nonprofit partners.”

There is one goal for Konnected: that you will leave the evening feeling informed, inspired and motivated to act in a way that is meaningful to you.

Tickets are still available.

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Learn about the six non-profits before you go. Or if you can’t go, here’s a taste.

Latino Community Fund cultivates new leaders, supports cultural and community based non-profit organizations, and improves the quality of life for all Washingtonians. They have a special focus on training and building up the youth leaders of tomorrow.

"We also support Latino based and cultural based non-profit organizations and improve the lives of Washingtonians." said Marisol Morales, communications and development coordinator.

Hear from the Latino Community Fund

Downtown Emergency Service Center provides mental health services, permanent supportive housing, and shelter for individuals struggling with homelessness. Many of those experiencing homelessness also experience serious and persistent mental health conditions. They can’t get services in traditional settings.

The organization has found that the best way to reach these populations is to deliver integrated care where they are. 

"We find that people are very hungry for healthcare and behavioral healthcare, but it works best if we bring those programs into our shelters and our housing programs." said Director of Fund Development, Megan Mayes. 

Learn more about DESC 

Kent Youth and Family Services provides behavioral health support, early learning programs, after-school programs, and homelessness prevention to anyone in South King County.

"The fact that we offer place-based services is critically important," said board member Shukri Olow from KYFS. "Our families are able to walk down the street and access these services whether it's an early learning program or an after-school program and someone who is able to support them with their need."

Anyone can get help and the program historically serves marginalized communities and immigrant and refugee populations.

Youth Eastside Services offers care on demand. The services include mental health support, substance abuse support, education and prevention services, mentoring, and support groups, and integrated health care.

When people come to us to get help, they want it now,” said Patti Skelton McGougan of YES.” They don’t want to wait for it and we felt that our system was slowing that down, so we started a thing called Open Access and put some resources into that. And now if someone is in need of help, and wanting to talk to us and see a counselor, they can walk in.”

They will leave with an assessment done and an appointment. Skelton McGougan notes that when someone is asking for help, YES aims to deliver.

Learn more about the youth organizations

The Service Board mentors youths to conquer personal and cultural challenges. Through outdoor adventure, young adults are supported and provided a safe place to find their voices.

Through snowboarding, the youths learn tenacity and determination in the face of challenge. They have to literally and figuratively pick themselves up and try again. This instills a sense of confidence in them.

The program combines social justice, service projects, and confidence building.

Learn more about The Service Board

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