Cocoon House previews new youth center

By Bo Jungmayer
Thursday, August 30, 2018
Ceo Joe Alonzo showing new facility

An active construction site paused as Cocoon House, located in Everett, Wash., showed off their progress this week on their new Colby Avenue Youth Center that will further their capacity to serve homeless youth and families in Snohomish County. 

The new facility will not only strengthen the ability for Cocoon House to be a service location for young people, it will expand programming to become the only housing program of its kind in Snohomish county dedicated to serving people age 12-24 years.

There will be more private meeting spaces for staff counselors, a computer resource center and a special music studio. “We started a grassroots music program years ago led by our staff and made due with the space,” said Joe Alonzo, CEO of Cocoon House. “Now, we are able to provide a dedicated, professional space for the children to record their music.” 

Board members, staff and donors attended a hardhat tour to see the progress on the new facility that will serve the needs of the community. Everett mayor and former executive director of Cocoon House, Cassie Franklin, was in attendance.

Premera Blue Cross invested $1.6 million through the Premera Social Impact program to support the construction of the new facility in downtown Everett. The investment is a way for the philanthropic program to work toward their fundamental goal of improving healthcare in the community by addressing behavioral health issues.

“Cocoon House is an important part in addressing youth homelessness in Snohomish County,” said LeAnne Harrington, a vice president at Premera and board member of Cocoon House. “It is an honor to witness this milestone and look forward to completion of the facility.”

The facility is scheduled to finish construction early 2019. 

Bo Jungmayer is in Corporate Communications at Premera Blue Cross.


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